Mango, Plum and Banana Puree


How incredible interesting are babies when it comes to trying all different tastes. In this short weaning journey I realised if I cook/make something super delicious to my baby M, she will love it for sure. On other hand if I go out for experimenting and it doesn’t turn into something super delicious but still tasty she will make fuss over it. Or perhaps she might will surprise me one day 🙂 However here I share only recipes that my daughter and mama love 😉

Today we made Mango, Plum and Banana Puree (recipe below)


Mango, Plums and Banana Puree


  • half of ripe banana
  • one full ripe plum
  • ½ medium, ripe mango or 80 g of prepared mango cubes

*makes two portion


  1. Wash plum, half it and remove stone; cut into chunks  (I didn’t remove skin from the plum).
  2. Put banana slices, mango cubes and plum into food processor and blend until smooth.

Happy Weaning!

L xxx

  • Morgan



    • MLK123

      Thank you Morgan.

  • Emily


    Sounds like a tasty combo. I never think to add in plums!

    • MLK123

      Thank you Emily.

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