Mindfulness and Decluttering – Seeking Peace in the Mess

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You have most likely heard the term mindfulness more than once. And, it is a broad topic. There are many areas that mindfulness can be applied to. 

Generally, mindfulness is a type of meditation that requires the person to be in the moment. Hyper aware of them now. It is removing all of the judgment, negativity, and past or future. 

Mindfulness comes to use in many different ways. It could be that 15 minutes of meditation brings you right into the moment. Baking, the act of kneading might be your nirvana. 

But there is an undeniable link between cleaning and mindfulness

Decluttering and cleaning can often feel stressful, and that we have such a small amount of time to do it. But the mindfulness and joy that can be found are decluttering if it is done in a specific way. 

Frees us

Cleaning away the things we don’t need, use or enjoy can free us from attachments we don’t need. 

We spend much of our time cleaning and caring for things that we just don’t enjoy. 

Having less around us also gives us less to consume our time and keeps our minds.

Decluttering moves a lot of things we don’t love, use or need. 

Less to do   

When you have less to do, you get more time. More time means you can put more time into your hobbies, work, relaxing, and just being. 

If you spend a lot of time tidying up clutter at the end of every day or week, then it can quickly become a time sink. 

Ordering skip bins, getting rid of as much clutter as possible will mean that each day you have less to do. 

Another way you get more time is you donate or sell clothing you don’t wear. Doing this means you will have less to choose from. The paradox of choice takes up a lot of time. 

We assume having more means we make better choices, but sometimes less choice is faster and more efficient. 

Peaceful space

You can create spaces around your home with less in it. Those spaces can become a little oasis of peace anbd relaxation. 

These spaces can be dedicated to work, or just a big plant. Anything that makes you feel happy, and requires little to no maintenance. 

It is very common to simply feel like you have too much stuff, and that can feel heavy both in terms of real space and mental space. 

Create peaceful spaces that make you feel happy. 

Pick a spot

Pick a place to start. It might be the smallest room in your home, a little nook that seems to always get filled up, or maybe a single drawer is going to be your starting point. 

Once you have a spot in mind, get started. Most often we put off tasks like decluttering and cleaning, but once we get started – most people have the drive to finish. 

Mindfulness and decluttering go hand in hand. Both require you to commit and control the environment enough to allow yourself the space to be relaxed. 


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