Montessori Friendly Toys 4 – 6 Months Old


Emil is officially 4 months old and he is less interested in staring at a wall, instead he wants to move and feel. It means he is ready for exploring. At first he is ready to explore using his hands and soon after his mouth, legs and belly. My job to set up his Montessori friendly environment suddenly gets more interesting. He is slowest gross motor baby compering to his sister.

It can be very confusing to know where to start in preparing Montessori friendly environment. Dr. Montessori says, that babies absorb their environment visually before and as they develop movement. With this in mind, I aim to create a prepared environment that is visually appealing and stimulating to my children though not so stimulating as to overwhelm them. When Emil was about 8 weeks I’ve started using Gobbi mobile (black and white) which I’ve made myself. He has daily exposure to the mobiles and he enjoys it. There are number of Montessori mobile sellers on Etsy some you can download and set up yourself, some you simply order ready to use.

Together with Montessori mobiles I’ve started with reading. You should begin reading to your newborn child as soon as possible. It may feel a bit strange at first because they don’t seem to be paying much attention or to even care at all. However, this is the very foundation of learning. The simple acts of looking at them, talking to them, touching them, and interacting with them will make a world of difference in their social, verbal, and reading skills as they grow. 

Board books are the best to start. The first board books to choose are the black and white ones. Why? Because babies can see from birth; however, their vision is not very clear yet so they need simple, high-contrast images to look at. A simple black and white image will be more interesting and stimulating to them than a complicated one. As their eye muscles strengthen and their brain develops, you can move on to books with more colorful and intricate pictures. At 4 months I’m already using whole range of board books.

You can also make some black and white flash cards. I’ve got mine from here it is free printable and they are perfect!

Mirror! Well, I’ve got this from Amazon. It serves the purpose but if you would like real Montessori mirror with a bar than check  this one but really any child safe mirror will work. You might already have one at home.

And finally here are Montessori friendly toys at 4 to 6 month we love. While here are many, I offer only two at the time and rotate them as his interests change. Remember babies really don’t need many extras with a mobiles, books and tummy time they already have enough.

Emil’s Montessori friendly toys at 4 months old include:

Baby Wooden Teething Bear Head Rattle

Triangle Instrument – I love sound of triangle so very calming.

Sensory Textured Ball

Wooden Teething Ring

Baby Rattle – Crochet Black &White Jingle Bells

Wrist Bell Toy – those are so much fun for my son.

Wooden Silicone Teething Ring

Wooden Grasping Beads

And that’s it!

Happy reading!

L xxx


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  • Kacie Morgan


    What a lovely collection of toys. I like the idea of making your own flash cards; I bet that would really help to assist with learning and development.

    • Leila

      Thanks Kacie.

  • Sarupa Shah


    Have always heard and seen good things about Montessori – didn’t know there were Montessori friendly toys though – and that is good to know!

    • Leila

      They are, thanks Sarupa. x

  • Jennifer


    I think stimulation is really important for development but there is a fine balance between this and overstimulation. These toys look like they’re perfect.

    • Leila

      Thanks Jennifer.

  • Fashion and Frappes


    All of these toys look so simple but I can imagine how helpful its going to be. I think the best part is some of these can actually be made at home without spending on any money which is so clever.

    • Leila

      Thank you. Yes most of these toys are super simple to make at home. x

  • Rebecca Smith


    My friend’s little girl is just about to turn four months so I will be showing her this post. Mine both loved their rattle when they were that age.

  • Kara


    Some lovely ideas for babies here

    • Leila

      Thank you Kara.

  • Ami Elizabeth


    My two always loved black and white toys when they were babies. They’re so stimulating for them.

    • Leila

      Thank you Ami.

  • Elizabeth Williams


    What a brilliant selection of Montessori toys to stimulate a baby. My youngest is 8 weeks old and I’m looking at getting a few Montessori toys. Love the black and white flashcards.

    • Leila

      Glad you found it useful. Thank you!

  • Melanie williams


    How fab are these! It is super important for baby’s to start to learn and develop from a young age xx

    • Leila

      Thanks Melanie!

  • Claire Roach


    I agree with reading to newborns, my mother in law thinks I have lost the plot but I have read to them since they were one day old.

    • Leila

      Same here :)xx

  • Sarah | Boo Roo and Tigger Too


    A lovely collection of toys for little ones to enjoy, I really like the idea of the flashcards and great that you can print them off at home.

    • Leila

      Thanks Sarah.

  • Kira


    What a lovely collection and quite a few different ones to choose from . Would make lovely gifts too

    • Leila

      Thanks Kira.

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