Happy New Year from My Little Keepers! We hope you had a fantastic holiday season. 

January is a great time to prioritise healthy eating, so our fruit and vegetables box this month has been designed with nutrition in mind. 

Your child will be introduced to a wide variety of fruit and veg they might find growing on trees, below the ground, above the soil, on the vine or in the bushes. This assortment will evoke their natural curiosity, especially when you ask them plenty of questions to develop their knowledge. 

Problem-solving is also encouraged with our matching sheet, I Spy games, maths activities and finally the sort and classify baskets. This is where you’ll show your little one how to decide whether a food is a fruit or a veg and then place it into the correct container. 

Feeling creative? Kids and their parents will love both our colouring activity as well as attaching bright and bold stickers to their corresponding fruit or veg picture. 

In the standard version of our box, you will also receive a wooden fruit threading activity which is ideal for working on those fine motor skills to eventually aid activities like handwriting. We also provide a fun board book ‘Busy Grow’ by Campbell which is a great quiet-time read.  

We hope you enjoy your January box as much as we loved putting it together.