We were a bit quiet over here,  settling into our new home took a bit longer than I have excepted, plus this cold and dark weather was just so demotivating. Keeping warm and reading our favourite books seemed like the best choice. January is over (longest month ever) and we are back to share our fun and work. Soon I will be sharing Montessori environment I set up for Mia in our new home.

Since Mia approaching 30 months I add some new (more challenging) activities on our shelf. According to season some of the activities are winter inspired. During this age, you may see a strong or growing sense of order in your child and longer periods of quiet work and play. But, older toddlers are still very busy, practical and love exploration! On our shelf we have:

Antarctic Inspired Activities (animalsbooks, puzzles and stucking toy).

Wooden Shape Puzzle from Amazon.

Numbers and Counters – a box of numerals 1 – 10, and 55 counters. Aim of this activity is to give child practice in counting and associating the correct number of objects with the relevant numerals. Mia is still young to fully understand this activity but she does simple counting and placing counters.

Pegging activity – using pegs can be quite difficult for some children because they need to have fingers strong enough to squeeze the peg and open it, before attaching it to a washing line. I set up this easy to make shelf pegging activity which Mia really loves but still needs practice until she fully refine her finger muscles.

Antarctic Animals Matching Cards.

Pouring through a funnel – this time Mia is pouring dry materials but as soon as she was able to pour well through the funnel I have let her to pour a water through the funnel. Spillage is always of interest to children as well as watching the funnel filling with water and then emptying.

Penguin Wooden Puzzle.

Opening and closing stacking toy.

Sound Paper Letters – I will be posting separate post to explain a bit deeper process of introducing sand paper letters but this time I will just point that it is essential that you play many language games with the child before embarking on the Sandpaper Letters. Here I have made sound basket where I put items that begin with the letter sound ‘p’ and combine it with a same Sandpaper Letter.