Since Mia approached 12 months I added some new materials on our Montessori shelve. She is still using Montessori Work at 10 Months. On her shelf she has:


Thick and Thin cylinder – an early opportunity for a child to discriminate size. The child has to sort out which cylinder to place where by the size of the hole and the thickness of the cylinder.


Large and Small Balls – also, an early opportunity for a child to discriminate size. The child has to sort out which bead to place where by the height of the post and the size of the bead. Still little bit advanced for Mia. She mostly just plays with the balls.


Object Permanence Box – this activity gives the child practice with hand-eye co-ordination as the ball is put through the hole at the top. The ball then rolls in and out of sight giving a lesson in object permanence. The ball is then delivered to the front of the box ready to repeat the activity over and over. Do I need to say that she mastered this activity.


Nesting Bowls  – beautiful rainbow coloured hand-made nesting bowls. Great activity for little fingers and little minds. Mia love them and I even more.


Homemade playdough and sticks. Always great fun.


Open and Close Tray. This little jar proofing so popular to Mia.



Musical Shakers


Shellfish into Jar. Mia loves this transferring activity.



Language Tray


She also has a basket of books, 5 books, each week I rotate them for new ones. If you didn’t notice before I LOVE children’s picture books and we already have so many so I keep them away at the moment offering one or two at the time.

I also added few new Montessori friendly toys. I will show you in separate post. I rotate the toys gently. I keep her favourites out and those that are used less I rotate every week.

As an important note I’m showing Mia to put her toys away, back in the same place they came from when she has finished with them. It will be a while until she is able to put away her toys herself but I am sure she already knows where they go.

Does this seem like a lot of toys to you? I would love to hear your opinions.