Nothing beats sitting with a baby or toddler on the knee and reading a book together. I personally love those moments.

The words provide a language of communication long before conversation is possible and the joy in recognising them over many re-readings provides endless shared pleasure while the pictures can be enjoyed first jointly and then by the child alone as they pour over the images they love.

Togheter with reading our favourite books I’ve made Story Baskets. Story Baskets are a neat way to investigate familiar (& new) stories using a selection of props. They’re great for encouraging recall skills, sequencing, language, storytelling, creativity, imagination, & so much more.

Here I share our this month favourites:


Squirrel’s Busy Day by Lucy Barnard


Little Red Riding Hood (My First Fairy Tales) by Mara Alperin


Tales from Acorn Wood: Postman Bear by Julia Donaldson


WOW! Said the Owl by Tim Hopgood


Oh Dear! by Rod Campbell

What have you been reading this month?

L xoxo