Picking and Outfitting the Perfect Family Car for Your Needs


When it comes to an expensive decision such as picking out the perfect family car, it pays to do your research and write down a list of needs and wants that you have. People often just look at review website and pick out whatever car is popular at the time, but you’d be surprised at how helpful it can be to write down what you’re looking for from a vehicle and consider your own needs instead of listening to popular opinion.

Choosing the best type of car

There are many different types of car that could fit the family use case, but it’s important to consider how many people you’ll be driving around on a regular basis. For instance, if you have a family of three kids plus your partner, then you’ll at least want a 5-door car to make it easier for your passengers to enter and exit. You’ll also benefit from choosing a car with a larger trunk so that you can carry around luggage and supplies.

However, if you have four kids or plan to do a lot of driving while you ferry around shopping bags and flat-pack furniture, then it might be better to go for a more expensive and larger vehicle such as an SUV. These are multifunctional vehicles that can transform from being a 7-seater car to offering you a spacious trunk.

And of course, if you’re only planning on having a single child then a smaller vehicle will do just fine. As you can see, it helps to consider your circumstances before you decide to pick out a vehicle. It may sound obvious, but you’d be surprised at how much easier it is to make difficult decisions like picking a vehicle to purchase when you have clear goals and requirements in mind.

Outfitting a family car

There are plenty of accessories and additions that you can purchase to make a family car more practical. For instance, if you have pets then a car hammock can be a great choice for driving around pets like dogs and cats, though a crate will also serve a similar function.

If you plan to drive around while your children are still small, then you may want to consider a booster seat that can accommodate their growth. Some families even like to personalize their vehicles, such as getting unique DVLA registration plates that represent their family name to make it easier for their children to spot the family vehicle. A bit of personalization also adds extra sentimentality to the car.

You should also consider safety tools, such as purchasing an emergency car window breaking tool. These are designed to cut seatbelts should they become jammed and also easily smash windows so you can escape the vehicle. Although you should hope you never have to use them, they’re still essential safety tools which can give you more peace of mind especially in a family car.

Picking out a car isn’t the easiest thing especially if you have no idea about vehicles, but reading reviews and going for whatever has the highest star rating isn’t a very good idea. Make sure you list down your personal needs so that you have some criteria to refer to when choosing a vehicle.

  • Rosie (@greenrosielife)


    More people are also considering electric or hybrid cars too. Plus if you are travelling abroad it is important to ensure your car is kitted out with items the law of each country demands. In France, where I live, this includes spare driving glasses if you use them, hi-viz jackets for each person on the car, a safety triangle etc

    • Leila

      Useful info. Thanks Rosie.

  • Eva Katona


    It’s not easy isn’t it? Thinking about a family car it’s so hard to choose.

    • Leila

      It is for sure 😉

  • Amanda Blackburn


    My hubby is car mad, he spends so long researching our new cars, I just rely on him to choose. Sounds like you know your stuff.

    • Leila

      Thanks Amanda 🙂

  • Janet Yarwood


    As nobody in our house drives this wasn’t even on our radar but there’s so much to think about!

    • Leila

      Ah that’s one stress less for you.

  • Tracey Kifford


    My car is due for an upgrade this year … it’s a minefield!

    • Leila

      Good luck!!

  • Rachel


    It’s such a big decision isn’t it!?!

    • Leila

      YES it is!!

  • Claire


    It’s such a big decision and so many different options.

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