Porridge with Blackberry Puree

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While making and planning every new meal for my baby I found breakfast most uninspiring when it comes to variety of ideas what to offer. Perhaps for those first weaning months when they need time until they are able to move to first finger food.  I guess like everyone I started traditionally, with porridge. If you use baby creamy porridge (those you buy in supermarket) it is pretty straightforward how to make it. I use ”normal” family porridge oats. Simply because it is easy and equally healthy.

However if you want to make more tasty and less boring you can make easy fruit puree and mix with your baby porridge. I made blackberry puree and baby M loved it. (recipe below) 😉

Blackberry Puree


  • around 10 fresh blackberries or 30g


  1. Wash blackberries.
  2. Blend with food processor or hand blender until smooth.
  3. Add a little  of your baby’s usual milk if you need to.
  4. Most delicious served straightaway.
  5. Spread puree over porridge or mix together.

*pretty much you can use any fruit puree and serve with your baby’s porridge

Happy Weaning

L xxx



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