As the child passes age of 3 years they start to develop a will of their own. It is during this time that they start to consciously act based on their knowledge of their environment and the people in it.

During their time in the 3 -6 or pre-school environment the child has the option of engaging with the beginners of reading, writing and mathematics. These early academic skills are introduced in a concrete way using materials that can be handled and moved, engaging the child in whole body learning.

These activities can be easily provided at home. Especially as almost all activities at this age are shelf activities. They are independently selected and can include activities from every area of learning. There are many everyday tasks that children of this age are capable of doing at the home and on their own; such as setting the table, clearing away dirty plates, putting their dirty clothes in the basket, cutting up vegetables and fruit and washing up plates. All of these little chores foster the child’s independence and teach life – long skills. All of these activities also strengthen hand eye coordination, wrist and hand strength; all vital things for later writing skills.

Children of this age are also passing through the sensitive periods of social interaction, refinement of the senses and a strong awareness of small objects. These can be simply supported by providing children with opportunity to interact with others and be an active part of family life. Refinement of the senses can be enabled by providing your child with a range of sensory stimuli. Objects of different size, shapes, weights, textures and colours all support children’s developing senses. Lastly allow your child the time to truly observe their environment and talk about.



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