Salmon Creamy Baby Pasta

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After weeks of messy faces and spoon-dodging, eating 3 meals a day is a doddle for my baby ( and for mama ). We officially entered last stage of weaning 10 to 12 months. The time has come for her to learn to chew and swallow. We are moving to mashed food to encourage chewing (while still is perfectly fine to continue puree). Also, I will be offering more finger food and together with mashed food here I will be sharing finger food as well.

It is good idea to start by mashing recipes your baby already loves, so they don’t have to get used to a new taste and texture at the same time. If you tried some of my recipes from previous weaning stage can be mashed instead pureed.

Together with old recipes I’m going to offer Mia to explore more tastes and textures with delicious, nutritionally balanced recipes and of course to share them with you.

Today we made Salmon Creamy Baby Pasta (recipe below) easy to make and delicious. In the beginning Mia wasn’t so sure with texture so it took some time to chew and swallow. Remember, it is all about being patient!



Salmon Creamy Baby Pasta


  • 80g skinless, boneless salmon fillet
  • 60g conchigliette (baby pasta shells)
  • 2tbsp of cream fraiche or any spreadable cream cheese (such as Philadelphia)
  • 1 tsp of dry / fresh tarragon

*makes 4-5 portions

*suitable for freezing

*suitable from 10 months

*Prep time 10 minutes

*Cooking 25-30 minutes


  1. Preheat the oven to 160°C, gas 3.
  2. Wrap salmon in aluminium foil and place in smaller oven proof dish, add milk.
  3. Cook for about 25 minutes.
  4. Meanwhile, cook the pasta shells in boiling water according to packet directions.
  5. When salmon is cooked chop in food processor or by hand to the desired consistency.
  6. Drain pasta and return to the pan, add cream, tarragon and salmon.
  7. Stir all together, cool slightly and serve all together.

Happy Weaning

L xxx


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