The Best Giant Chunky Knit Christmas Gifts from Etsy


At the top of my wish list for this winter is a giant chunky knit wool blanket. I keep seeing them on many design blogs, and every time I do I take a minute and imagine how wonderful it would feel to be snuggled up underneath a blanket that feels like a giant wool sweater for your entire body. So I’ve hunted down my favourite source Etsy for these enormous lovelies, and also some gorgeous Christmas stockings, accessories and DIY projects for those who are brave ;)…

Chunky Knit Blanket – those blankets will add texture and warmth to any space. I LOVE them.

Big Chunky Yarn Super Knitting Kit – if you are brave enough to make one of those massive blankets by yourself than this kit is for you.

Christmas Tree Topper – such a great idea to break tradition and give your tree a fresh and fun new look.

Chunky Knit White Christmas Stocking – how gorgeous are those, definitely worth the investment as you can keep them year after year!

Chunky Knit Christmas Wreath – so creative and beautiful.

Christmas Pom-Pom Ornament – how cute are those, they will be decorating Christmas tree in my daughter’s room.

Christmas Tree Wool Pack – are you crafty person and have some spare wool? This is the best way to be creative and create your own holiday decoration.

DIY Knitting Kit, Mary Jane Chunky Slippers

Weaving Loom Kit – a perfect gift for you or your own friend.

Grey Chunky Knit Pom-Pom Cushion

Hope this list will inspire you and make your Holidays even more fun!

L xoxo

  • Christine


    This is the first I have heard or seen the giant chunky knit items. They are so cool! I love the stocking I think that is just precious. I am thinking my step daughter might like this because she is into knitting. You have a lot of cute ideas on here.

    • Leky83

      Thank you Christine!

  • Belle


    Oh my gosh! These are so cute! Love everything especially the santa hat!

    Belle | One Awesome Momma

    • Leky83

      Thanks Belle 🙂

  • Lesley


    Those blankets look so warm and cozy…and the colors are fabulous!!!

    • Leky83

      tThanks Lesley!

  • April@LoveOurRealLife


    These are gorgeous! I love them all, but my favorite is the chunky white Christmas stocking!

    • Leky83

      Yes, I like it too 😉

  • Angela Kim


    I love chunky knits during winter. These are great!

    • Leky83

      Me too! Thanks Angela!

  • Lyndsey


    these are all so cute!! what a great gift!!

    • Leky83

      Thanks Lyndsey!

  • Kate


    These are all so pretty! I definitely have my eye on that chunky stocking!

    • Leky83

      Thanks Kate!

  • Justine @ Little Dove


    Oh my goodness, I so want one of those huge knit blankets too! They just look amazing! But that wreath you shared looks so unique and fun, I haven’t seen that before!

    • Leky83

      I love it too 😉
      Thanks Justina!

  • Jennifer Maune


    Love all of these…I need one!!

    • Leky83

      Thanks Jennifer!

  • Black And White Checkered Blanket


    Thank you so much for this pattern! It was a joy to make. You can see the blanket on my blog post:

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