The Key Principles of Minimalist Design

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A home that is minimalistic is uncluttered but functional. It is a trend that started in the 1920s and has remained popular ever since. Homes decorated in this way have nothing in them that does not have a purpose, they are simpler to clean and research has shown that they are better for our mental health too. This is because clutter can make a person feel depressed, so in turn, a lack of it can make you feel happier. It fosters mental awareness far more than a room that is full of items, many of which have no use at all.

For people with busy lives and careers that put them under pressure, their home should be a sanctuary or a retreat away from a world that is full of stimulation. A home that is minimalistic does not have to look cold or stark, there is much more to it than having rooms that have very little in them. By following the key principles you can create a home that achieves perfect balance and harmony. A home where you can relax and the pressures of the day will melt away.

Start With The Function Of A Room

Think in terms of your kitchen to begin with. What equipment does that need to function the way it should? You need a cooker, a microwave, a kettle and maybe a toaster and some kitchen tools. Apart from those any other equipment can be kept in the kitchen cupboards and only be brought out when it is needed.

Your dining room needs a table and chairs and very little else, and your bedrooms do not have to have things sitting around dressing tables, for instance, that have not been used for months. Bath and Shower rooms need the basic requirements to get yourself clean and dry yourself afterwards.

Start with the very basics of everything and build around those things if you need to. There will always be items that are essential, and there can be non-essential items that add attraction to the room, such as a bowl of fruits or a vase of lowers, there should just not be too many of them.

In the home generally, higher quality items will look better when there is less of them, as the condition of them will be more noticeable.

If you are changing your home from being a very cluttered one to one that is minimalistic you may need to use the services of a company like Cheaper Bin Hire to dispose of much of the things you need to get rid off. Don’t use excuses to avoid getting rid of the clutter!

Look At The Décor

Once you have de-cluttered and made sure everything that is left has a function, the next thing to do is to look at the décor of your home. It should be as simple as possible without wallpapers that have huge patterns on them, or curtains that are multi-coloured and bright.

Calming colours on the walls are the best. Things like beiges and greys, with white ceilings and wall decorations that match with everything else. This could be mirrors, photos or pieces of art. There should not be too much of it though or you will be defeating the idea. One large piece of art, for example, can be a brilliant way of keeping a room uncrowded, while still having something that will attract the eye.

You can also let light be part of the atmosphere, having as much natural daylight as possible. Of course, at the height of the summer, this might not be feasible, but then just make sure there is plenty of light when you have to close the blinds or curtains.

Each room does not have to be one colour, you can easily mix and match things and often this will make the room look less harsh. Use curves in your décor too. Not everything has to be a square or rectangle; a few curves can add softness to a room.

Different shapes can be achieved with the accessories, such as lamps and light fittings. You can have various textures too, as these will add interest to any room.

Keep Your Flooring Simple

Like everything else in your minimalistic home, the flooring needs to be kept simple as well. You are not seeking to make your home cosy but you do not want it to appear cold either. This results in floors such as laminate or tiles with rugs wherever they are needed. These will be easy to clean and serve the purpose they were meant for.

Plenty Of Space

Your home will already have more space because of decluttering it, and now you should arrange the furniture so there is space around each item. As the things you have left will be simple in nature, they need breathing space to show off their true beauty. The space around each item will mean that it will be appreciated on its own merits

While arranging the items in each room, make sure there is a focal point. This will be the first thing people spot as they walk into a room, so it should always be something that is attractive as well as functional. If you have a piece of furniture that stands out above everything else, this is the ideal for your focal point and the rest of the room will just flow around it.

If you are not sure where to start, maybe change one room at a time. As you achieve the results you desire, it will give you the confidence to move onto the next. Eventually, you will have a home that is all minimalistic. You will have fewer household chores to worry about, a home that is inviting and one that you know you will be able to relax in. In fact, it will be a home to be proud of.

Minimalism is a design that celebrates space. It refers to a room that has very little in it, but what there is has a job as well as looking good. When you want to change to this way of living, you will find that it is much easier than you thought as there will be more things to dispose of than there will be to add.


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