The Ultimate Holiday Trip Survival Guide

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Summer holidays with children can be so much fun but also we can stuck in one boring routine desperately waiting for school to start. For this reason I tend to plan in advance our summer activities so we can relax and enjoy. Well planned holiday trips with children can be educational and fun, but also they can be a little bit stressful. Here are some top survival tips for your next trip.

Be sensitive

Not every child who comes on a trip will feel comfortable doing so. As a parent it is our job to keep an eye on the children and spot when a child is looking overwhelmed and anxious. Anxiety can come in many forms and you need to be sure that you look after your children who need it and make sure that they feel comfortable in your presence.

Let them be independent

A lot of the time a holiday trip is a unique opportunity to learn in a new environment and be independent for a day. So lead to them to soak up all of the information they need to learn. 

Push boundaries

The fun thing about a holiday trip is that it offers you the ability to push the limits on learning and get your children to experience new things. For example if you visit a zoo, and ideal activity for the children would be to go inside the penguin enclosure and feed them. It can be something they have never done before and this can make for great memories and a wonderful opportunity to bond as a class.

Have fun

When planning a trip you have the opportunity to go anywhere,  NST has an excellent range of trips for geography students and you can choose somewhere which is out of the norm and which will be remembered by all at the end of the day. Pick a great spot and make sure you still have fun during the day with games in the car/train, lunch out in a food court or park and learning in an active way.

Have fun!!!




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