Things That Are Different In Pregnancy Second Time Round


Ah pregnancy. Do you like it or not? I’m not a huge fan if I’m being honest. I find it incredibly difficult to deal with. However, I cannot wait to hold my baby and today I share all the things I’ve found different this time around until now!

SIZE – I feel huge. So huge. People said that you feel bigger sooner second time around and that is definitely true here. I felt like I was showing way before 12 weeks this time.

ACID REFLUX – I had this with Mia but it is a billion times worse this time. No idea why really. I feel like I have a small ball of acidic bile sat in my throat 24/7. How nice!

I’M MORE RELAXED – Well, depends. I still feel very anxious about giving a birth event and all the worries that brings with it. But on the whole I feel a lot more like I know what I’m getting myself into this time around!

RESTING – When I can, I really am trying to rest as much as possible. I think with Mia, I didn’t realise how tiring being a mum could be. This time I am well aware. So yes, I rest as much as I can.

HAND-ME-DOWNS – With my first pregnancy I want to buy everything new for my baby. From the crib, pram , baby clothes to the blankets, everything was new! This time, oh thank goodness for hand-me-downs! Perfect hand-me-downs from my older child, family members and even friends.

BABY KICKS – With my first pregnancy, I didn’t even know what to expect with my first born baby kicks. I didn’t noticed the very first few kicks because I just didn’t know what they felt like. With my second pregnancy I’ve recognised the first flutters in my stomach and automatically know it was my baby kicking, not something I ate. It’s really a fun moment!

FOOD – With my first pregnancy I wanted to eat healthier as possible! I was into eating more vegetables and fruits which was all great. I didn’t want anything happening to my baby because of the choices of food that I ate, I was truly paranoid. You may have been too, right? Okay, this time round I also eat healthy but I’m also more relaxed with the types of food that I eat. If I’m carving chocolate or pizza I don’t think twice. I’ll have two please. I let go a little bit and enjoy my cravings. So will you!

EDUCATION – I’m sure you read a ton of books and blogs all about being pregnant. You downloaded all of the pregnancy apps that was out there to know the size and shape of your bundle of joy. You want to be as prepared as possible and want to learn everything there is about being pregnant. In your first pregnancy, all you did was read, breathe and speak pregnancy. You may have annoyed a few of your friends and family members. It’s okay, I’ve been there too. This time I barely read two pages on baby/pregnancy topic! I don’t have time to read or really be engaged in. All those books I bought during my first pregnancy, well they are collecting dust. I have my eye on two books I would like to read before baby two, but let’s see!!

SHARE EXPERIENCE WITH FIRST CHILD – With my first pregnancy I shared my experiences with T and my family. It was exciting but not as this time. Now I basically have a sidekick following me around 24/7. This includes going with me to all of my scan/midwife appointments. I honestly love sharing my pregnancy with Mia, she is so curious about everything and always gets happy to feel baby kicks.

Being pregnant whether for the first time or second time around is always a special experience for any woman. You are creating life, bonding with your precious baby and building long lasting memories. So differences or not, every pregnancy is unique and you should enjoy it!


  • Janet Yarwood


    Awww how lovely. I’ve only got the one and my pregnancy was awful but it sounds like you’re doing well and it must be so special to share the experience with your older child.

    • Leila

      It is! Thanks Janet x

  • Lyndsey O'Halloran


    We don’t plan on having any more children but I know that I would do things so differently if I was to be pregnant again.

    • Leila

      I totally agree! My last one too 😉

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