Tips To Make Moving Home Easier

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Moving home, whether it’s your first time or whether you’ve done it before can be stressful. You have to continue with your life while essentially packing it up and having to move to another location. So, when it comes to moving house, here are some tips to make the move easier on you and your household.

Start Packing Early

As soon as you’ve gotten through the sales process and have an estimated date of your moving day, start packing. You should be getting the materials you need to pack up your home before that, even maybe when you’ve started your property search. That way you can avoid spending money on buying storage and instead get cardboard from your local supermarkets or shops, as they’ll have plenty going spare. Anything that can’t go into cardboard boxes, think about getting alternative packing supplies like bubble wrap to protect the more fragile items. The earlier you pack, the better because you never know what events could crop up along the way and you don’t want to find yourself having to pull an all-nighter, the night before.

Packing supplies you may need and good to have written down on a shopping list are:


  • Small, medium and large cardboard boxes
  • Packing tape and scissors
  • Bubblewrap and old newspapers
  • Stretchwrap for large pieces of furniture
  • A marker and labels


You should also start packing the rooms and contents that you need the least. This is the furniture and other things that you can go a few weeks without using. You should have an essentials box too so that in the case that you can’t unpack straight away, you have a box full of the things you need straight away, like toothpaste, towels, toilet paper etc.

Declutter Before You Pack

We all tend to be hoarders to some degree and over the years, you’ll have accumulated a lot of stuff without you even realizing. So before you begin packing, you should declutter everything in your home. Go room by room and fill up as many bin bags as you can. Try to separate it into general waste, recycling, and charity. Give yourself the challenge to do X amount of bags per room and if you’re finding it tough to work through, take a break.

When it comes to your items, if you find yourself not parting with much, try thinking about whether it brings you any joy or whether it has sentimental value. If it has neither, then why do you have it? The same goes for clothing as we all probably have one or two items that we haven’t worn for at least a year. If that’s the case, it should be a rule that anything you’ve not worn within twelve months should be thrown out. With these tips in mind, you’ll probably find you chuck out a lot more than before. It can also be incredibly cleansing to get rid of old clutter so that you’re starting over fresh in a new place.

Pack And Label By Room

When packing you should work room by room. This way, everything will be in the right box for you to sort at the new property. Avoid multi-tasking and stick to one room at a time. Make sure you label all your boxes so that you and the removal drivers can put them in the right place when you get over the new location. If it helps, you can also add a brief overview of some of the contents in the box too, that can help if you have multiple bedrooms and bathrooms where you need to be more specific.

When packing and labeling you should make a list of every single item in every box so that you can have written evidence of everything you own, which you can check off on the other side. It’s also handy to have and give to the local removalists as they may be driving your contents along with other mover’s furniture depending on how big the van is and whether they’re doing multiple trips before reaching you. Having this is a good way of protecting yourself should anything go missing.

Pick A Reputable Removal Company

When it comes to your life, you don’t want it in the hands of someone who doesn’t value it, and that can be the same for your home and it’s contents. So it’s very important that you only pick the very best in a removal company to handle your furniture with great care. As removal companies are so customer orientated, you’ll likely find a lot of different companies to choose from. The most important thing though is to look at the reviews first before you consider any costs or ask for a quote. This reviews will tell you what their service is like and whether there were any problems with the move. Of course, there’s going it one or two who had a bad experience or just like complaining, however, the rest should be positive. If they’ve got several bad reviews though, it should be a red flag that they might not be the best company to go with. The last thing you want is valuable items getting lost or broken en route.

Arrange Your Utilities Early

It’s important to set up all your utilities as quickly as possible because some utility companies might have a longer waiting time to get someone out. This is particularly common with internet and tv providers. So when you’ve got your move-in date, try to organize a call out as soon as you possibly can. It’s also important to tell any existing bill providers that you use that you’re either canceling your service or changing your address. They’ll need this information to either send you a final bill or amend your subscription to suit the new property you are in. The sooner you do all this, the better so that you can avoid any unexpected surprises coming through your mailbox.

This is also a great opportunity to try and get a better deal with your current providers. As you’re moving, they may be able to offer you something discounted, or it might be worth shopping around, getting some quotes and challenging your provider to match it.

Cancel And Forward On Your Mail

Just like your bills, it’s beneficial to cancel and forward on any mail you receive so that nothing arrives after you’ve moved out and new owners have moved in. Make a list of all the mail you’ve received in the past six months and then get in touch with those companies when you can. It might also be best, if you feel you may be missing a few or to just catch any rouge mail, to use your local mail provider service to forward on your mail for the next few months. This means you can tie up any loose ends should there be any. There’s normally a fee for this, but it’s worth it to make sure you don’t miss anything important.

Book Time Off To Move

Moving itself, especially a few days towards and after the moving day can be tiring. The excitement of moving and the actual work that goes into it all can wear you out, especially if you’re working hard throughout the day. Therefore, to give yourself a break, it’s advisable to book time off for your move. This means you can enjoy it all a bit more, without having to stress about work. It also makes it feel like more of a holiday or an adventure, and as it’s an important life event, you want to relish the moment so that you can remember it as being an exciting time, rather than something that you’d rather forget about.

You should book a few days off, perhaps one or two before the moving day and a few days after that. The more, the better because that way you can be settled into your new property and enjoy those first few days in a new environment.

Get Your Kids Or Pets Out Of The Way

When it comes to moving day, it isn’t an environment that you want small children running around or your pets roaming the rooms or chasing after the removal men. So in that case, try to organize some care for any little ones with your family members or friends. This also means your whole attention is on the move and not on your kids or pets, as they’ll likely be a distraction else. If they’re old enough however that they can help, then keep them with you. It’ll be a great experience for them to move house and you can then teach them some life skills in the process.

Moving home is something we all do at some point in our lives, so use these tips in the future to help make your move as seamless and as stress-free as possible. That way, you can enjoy it more, and it’ll be a memory you’ll remember fondly.



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