water colours – flowers inspired art

herbs and spices tray

exploring sense of smell

matching different herbs

exploring and tasting different spices

‘Meet Peter Rabbit’ at Kew Gardens

ice-cream time

matching activity – sandpaper letters and animals

exploring green house in Kew Gardens

at the beach

looking into books

tent in the garden – play time

Mia’s tomatoe plant is growing

lunch time

snack tray

at Southbank, Underbelly Festival Aliens Love Underpants Show

more images: @mylittlekeepers


April in Books

Aliens Love Underpants/Spring/Vegetable Glue

Pairs! in the Garden/Where next, Teddy?/We’re Going on a Bear Hunt/

Up in the Garden and Down in the Dirt/Lots: The Diversity of Life on Earth


I was quiet this month here! April is always busy in our home, Spring’s arrival brings many TO DOs and with warmer weather I tend to stay longer outside and soak all sunny days we possibly can. We are in a good daily routine at the moment enjoying the books, trips and activities. Enjoy the glimpse!


L, xo