With the evolution of technology, many parents are worried about their children, and there is a cause for concern. In addition to the health problems that can be caused by computer screens and tablets, children are also at risk of gradually losing their creativity! Some psychologists are unanimous on the subject: children need manual activity to develop. Children are naturally curious and they love to be creative. Therefore, engaging in a manual activity, such as crafts, allows them to develop their imagination and creativity. Even if that means enjoying DIY work alongside your hobby too! So, what are the benefits of crafts for children and how to introduce them? 

The benefits of crafts for children

According to many specialists and psychologists, manual activities such as crafts stimulate not only the imagination of the child, but also their sense of autonomy and their social adaptation. However, to encourage them to engage in this type of activity, it is important to provide them with suitable tools. There are many sites that can provide you with quality DIY tools made for children. If your children work alongside you and your DIY hobbies then you can learn together. Perhaps you are doing a new job in the bathroom. You may have ordered all your necessary tools, including tools for cutting pipe and tube and maybe some extras! Now you can begin to play! 

Perseverance is one of the qualities worked by DIY. This quality that parents find difficult to instill in their children is reinforced by this kind of activity. Just as building a wooden playhouse  can be more difficult than expected and time consuming, children will have to overcome various problems in order to complete their idea. Knowing how to manage your time, improvise and analyze while persevering are ways of learning to follow through. Tenacity and the ability to continue despite difficulties will be great life lessons for children. On the other hand, tinkering makes the child’s motor skills work. Indeed, the gestures made during the DIY work on the parts of their body. However, DIY not only works on the gross motor skills of the child, but also their fine motor skills. They will learn to cut, trace, paint or trace, but also to bend, sit and stay in balance. All these gestures contribute to the development of their motor skills.

The benefits of DIY on family life

Yes, DIY has a positive effect on family life! Certainly, children can have fun on their own with outdoor games for children, but with crafts, parents find a way to fit into the games. Parents thus enter the world of their children. It is an opportunity to take advantage of chatting with the children, questioning them about what they are doing and helping them in their business. These moments are precious because they allow parents to learn more about their children, while communicating with them in a direct way. It is during the craft sessions that parents can learn, for example, the kind of trade their children dream of doing. It is a perfect way to bond!