The benefits of spending quality time with your children cannot be overemphasised. Not only does it strengthen your family bonds, but it also encourages good communication between you and your kids. Likewise, kids are less likely to pick up bad habits when they have their parent’s full attention at all times. A survey revealed that British parents spend less than 30 minutes of quality time with their kids despite these perks. Are you wondering how to connect with your toddler more? Here are some exciting activities to try out. 

Have a good time at the park

Are you looking for an activity that aids your toddler’s development? Then a trip to the park may be the right option to go for. Outdoor activity can give your child their daily dose of vitamin D needed for bone development as they play under the sun. Likewise, physical activity can prevent the risks of your kid developing obesity and myopia in the future. It is also instrumental for teaching them social skills that will help them form helpful relationships. While kids play with each other, you can also join the fun and create memories with them. Fortunately, many activities can help you achieve this. 

You can play a game of cricket or football, as you can improvise if you don’t have the equipment. A tug-of-war game with rewards can also increase the excitement, so keep this in mind. Popcorn drop, treasure trail, and nature hunt are all activities you can enjoy with your toddler. Take it a step further by creating role-playing games. For instance, you can play pirates or princesses, depending on your child’s preferences. 

Art is the way to go 

Art is beneficial for your toddler. For starters, they develop their coordination and fine motor skills when they manipulate art materials with their fingers. Moreover, it allows them to express their feelings and build their creativity, leading to mental growth. It also promotes their critical thinking abilities, as they decide and evaluate what to create and what colours will be the best fit for their work. Therefore, you want to encourage your toddler to dabble in art if you haven’t already. Getting involved can also motivate them to express their creativity. 

To get started, shop for art supplies with your toddler to boost their excitement. Also, get an art outfit for you and your kids, and ensure that you get a low table to ensure comfort. You also want to follow their lead and allow them to determine the pace, as forcing your desires on them can make it less fun. Consequently, keep records of each artwork to keep them fresh in your memories.

Create the indoor cinema experience

Enjoy an exhilarating experience by creating an indoor cinema experience for your toddlers. You can achieve this with the proper steps. For starters, rearrange the furniture to face the screen for the best viewing experience, and put up a poster of your kid’s favourite film (ensure that it’s kid-friendly). You can also print tickets and enlarge the screen with a white bedsheet and a projector. Ensure that you also stuck up on toddler-friendly snacks for the best results. While at it, you can purchase bubble tea supplies for the movie if you enjoy the drink.