It’s that time of year again; Christmas is just around the corner. The shops are full to bursting with festive goodies, and you can’t help but feel a little bit more Christmassy when you go into town. It’s not only the adults who are feeling festive this season, though, but kids are also getting into the spirit! So here are some tips on how to get your kids (and yourself) in the mood for Christmas.

#1 Bake gingerbread houses

The first thing to do is bake gingerbread houses; these are a classic festive tradition that always brings back memories of Christmas for adults and children alike. If you have kids at home, then they can help with the baking! There are many recipes available online or in cookery books that even young children can try their hand at making.

If your child isn’t keen on cooking, then why not decorate some store-bought ones? Of course, this will be more time-consuming, but if they were anything like mine when I was younger, it’s likely they won’t mind too much as long as there’s chocolate involved somewhere along the line! You could also make other baked goods such as mince pies together over the course of an evening before putting them in the oven first thing on Christmas morning.

#2 Watch Christmas movies

Another tradition that is great for getting in the festive spirit is watching Christmas movies together. There are so many classics which you can enjoy over and over again. There are plenty more out there, too, with new ones coming out every year, such as Paddington Bear at this time last year. Some newer kids’ films include Muppets Most Wanted, Frozen, and Maleficent. 

If you’re looking for a family movie night idea, you really couldn’t go wrong with any of these!

If your child is a bit older, or you’re just feeling nostalgic, then maybe some classic Christmas movies like It’s A Wonderful Life or Miracle on 34th Street would be more their thing.

#3 Set up the Christmas tree and decorations around the house

Once the gingerbread houses are in the oven, and the Christmas movies have been sorted, it’s time to start setting up the decorations! This is always a fun task to do together as a family. It’s so nice to see all of the Christmassy paraphernalia going up around the house and really getting you into the festive mood.

If your child is old enough, get them to help choose which ornaments go on the tree and where they should be placed. This can be a great way to involve them in preparations for Christmas and make sure that they feel part of things. After the tree is finished, you could buy a baby christmas outfit for your little one and take pictures in front of the tree!

#4 Buy presents and wrap them for Christmas Day

The last thing to do in order to get into the Christmas spirit is to buy presents! This is always an exciting part of Christmas, especially for kids, as they can’t wait to see what’s inside their gifts.

Wrapping them yourself is a really fun way to get into the festive mood. But, again, this is something that older children can help with – it’s an excellent task for them to take on, and it means that you’re one step closer to being ready for Christmas Day!

Once all of these things have been done, you’ll be well and truly in the Christmas spirit! So spend some time together as a family enjoying all of the traditions that come with this special time of year and enjoy celebrating Christmastime.