With the world becoming more and more digital, you must have a strong sense of wellbeing. According to a study by The Wellbeing Project, over 60 per cent of people say they feel unhappy when they are not connected to social media. The solution is to find ways to make time for yourself and connect with friends and family. Here are six ways to improve your happiness and wellbeing in 2022.

Find ways to make time for yourself.

The first step to improving your happiness is to find ways to make time for yourself. Don’t feel like you have to be on the phone or on your laptop all the time. There are plenty of ways to get out and enjoy life without being tethered to technology.

Find a hobby, volunteer, take up a sport or exercise more often than you did before. These activities will give you something else to focus on in addition to tech and will help improve your mood and wellbeing overall.

Pay attention to your home life and simplify your life to increase your happiness levels and lower your stress, thus making it easier to find time for yourself and improve your wellbeing.

Connect with friends and family

It’s hard to be happy when you are feeling lonely. One way to combat this is by connecting with friends and family. You must have time for yourself, but it can be difficult when you’re constantly busy with work and other responsibilities.

One of the best ways to cope with these feelings is by making time for your friends and family. Don’t forget about the people who care about you. When life gets too hectic, take a break from everything else to spend time with them. This is one of the best ways to recharge your batteries and feel better about yourself.

Make healthy food and drink choices.

The most important step you can take for your well-being is to make healthy food and drink choices.

And don’t forget about drinking water! It’s the liquid that our bodies are made of, and it has such an impact on your mood and energy levels. So be sure to keep a water bottle handy at all times during the day.

Make an effort to eat healthier foods, cut down on processed food and reduce alcohol consumption. Try adding one healthier food choice to your diet at a time, then after a few weeks, once it is a habit, try adding another one.

Cut bad habits

Everyone has bad habits and a reason why they do what they do. It can be drinking too much alcohol, smoking, engaging in toxic behaviour or simply burning the candles at both ends far too frequently. Whatever it is, put plans in place to change this and reduce your habits before eliminating them entirely from your life. Remember, it is much harder to break a habit than to make one, so give yourself time and patience.

Get more exercise

Exercise can make you feel better in an instant. It’s been proven to lower your stress and anxiety levels, reduce feelings of depression, and increase feelings of happiness. It also helps you sleep better, and adding exercise to your day-to-day routine is also beneficial for your mental health.

It doesn’t even take that long to get started! You could try walking for 15 minutes or jogging for five every day, or there are many other small things you can do to create a healthier lifestyle. Not only will this improve your health, but it will also give you more time to focus on other important things, like socialising with friends and family members.

Get more sleep

Around 36% of people in the UK struggle to get enough good quality sleep or implement a regular sleeping routine. If you want to be happy and healthy, you need to make sure you get enough sleep and improve your sleep quality.

You can improve your sleep by doing a few different things. One is to make sure your bedtime is as close to 10 p.m. as possible. Studies have shown that sleeping early can positively impact your mood and wellbeing, which will help you feel happier and healthier.

Another way you can improve your sleep is through exercise and a nutritious diet. Make sure that you are getting enough protein, calcium, zinc, vitamin D, antioxidants and amino acids through diet or supplements so that you get a good night’s sleep every night.

Another option is to remove all artificial light from your bedroom, including TVs, laptops and mobile phones.