May – Our Montessori At Home In Pictures

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painting in the garden

language game ‘I spy…’

fun with a chalks

birds house (leaving some food)

growing veggies in our glass house

new garden tool: sandpit

knobbed cylinders

breakfast time

tidying her room

first paddling pool fun this year

resting on the bench

Temperate House at Kew Gardens, so beautiful

clay flowers

more images: @mylittlekeepers


 May in Books

My First ABC/A Squash and a Squeeze/Henry Helps in the Garden

Why Do We Need Bees?/I’ll Show You Blue Kangaroo/Bee: Nature’s tiny miracle

Monkey Puzzle/Technicolor Treasure Hunt: Learn to Count with Nature


”The way young children think is through the play.” Daily routine hasn’t changed much from the last month. I’m simply enjoying this glorious weather so essentials for us are daily time in nature (in the garden or outdoors) and abundant time for free play. Everything else is flexible. Enjoy the glimpse!

L, xo



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