The first marks children make on paper are purely experimental – often incidental! As they notice the effect, they repeat and gradually master control of their creative media, and from there a whole new world of communication begins to open up. Drawing and painting (however primitive in form) are their picture language.

Mia loves art work and can sit for long periods of time to create her vision. Because of her age, Mia isn’t quite ready for a free range of art supplies. Instead, I prepare work for her in a tray and it works much better. There is no perfect outcome or expectation and the creative possibilities are endless.

So, here are 7 Montessori inspired art trays. We always have two trays out for Mia and I rotate them according to her interest.
2. Collage (for this you will need a glue & collage paper).
3. Chalk and chalkboard.
5. Animals stickers.
Does your toddler like art?
L xoxo