Lately Mia loves playing with all different transportation vehicles. So in true Montessori style, I am following the child and putting together this Montessori inspired transportation activities for her to explore. I hope that you are able to find inspiration in this activities for your child to enjoy. On our shelf we have:

Wooden Pattern Blocks (TRAIN) – I really like this set because Mia will be able to see how shapes are used in context when she is a little older and she can actually hold and feel shapes (in flat 3D) as opposed to just looking at them in books. She is only 19 months so still too young to really get the full educational value of this but she does like playing with it and will sit happily with it for a good while, which is really just want I wanted for her age.

Transportation Vehicles (Object Match with Cards) – Mia loves this activity. She knows the routine of placing the cards! When she is a bit older I will use Three Period Lesson for this. To know more about Three Period Lesson read it here.

Construction Vehicle Magnifying Match Game – This is a great activity to incorporate using science tools, in this case a magnifying glass.  It will also help teach new vocabulary as well as improve visual discrimination skills. It contains 2 sets of the same construction vehicles, one larger and one smaller. This set of cards I made myself but you can download one here.

Orchard Toys Transport – This game is the perfect first game for any toddler and, as with all of the Orchard Toys games we have, we would highly recommend it.

Melissa & Doug Vehicle Sound Puzzle – I purchased this for Mia when she was one and she played with it constantly. A fun, durable toy which she still plays with. I haven’t had to replace the batteries at all, so it’s also fairly economical, compared to other battery-run toys.

Mini Car Wash – Children love water, right? This is my daughter’s favourite activity. So easy to set up. I made lots of foam separately in a big container and divided some for her in small one. With a sponge and little brush Mia plays (cleans) this mini car endlessly.

Books About Transport –  there are so many but I picked those:

Very First Words Things That Go by Felicity Brooks

My First Things That Go by DK

Here We Go Sound Book by Eric Carle

And that’s it! There’s usually 3-4 of these out at one time, I rotate as Mia loses interest in what’s on the shelves, or if I notice that she is gravitating toward a specific skill.

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