These are trays that can be found on Mia’s shelves this month. There is no method to our rotation schedule other than I rotate out when she has lost interest in a tray.

We don’t have ‘school time’ at home, these are simply in the living (play) room for when she wants to use them, which is several times a day. Some of these trays will hold her attention for five minutes, others for longer, it depends. Some she will use by herself others we will use together.

When looking at Mia’s trays it’s important to say that she does a lot of practical life that is not presented on a tray. During her day she will spend hours outside in play (mostly in our garden), in the kitchen along side me or looking through the books. Also, I’ve noticed lately she shows great interest for role/pretend play.

Transferring with tongs – to refine use of tongs. The materials used to transfer can be pretty much anything and will make the great point of interest.

Nesting Bowls – beautiful rainbow coloured hand-made nesting bowls. Great activity for little fingers and little minds. Mia love them and I even more.

Hole Punching – When I first put this work out back in the winter time, I would hold the paper so she could squeeze with both hands.  Now she can do it all by herself and I tell you she shows great interest.

Montessori Sand Tray – It is simply a tray filled with a sand. Its purpose is to help a child learn how to trace letters and numbers on his own. It is one of the easiest Montessori materials to DIY. We have just started using sand tray and I’m still observing her work.

Transferring playdough balls using toothpicks – Mia made them herself plus transferring fun. Double fun!

Opposites hard/soft sorting activity.

Dress-Up Bear Wooden Puzzles

Mushroom Nails Jigsaw Puzzle

How many legs do I have? Animal sort.

Art Tray.

Opening and closing jar, bottle, purse.

Colour Tablets matching activity.