Since Emil was 8 months I set up Montessori shelve with materials appropriate to his age. Shelf is low and easy to reach. On his shelf he has:

  1. Thick and Thin cylinder – an early opportunity for a child to discriminate size. The child has to sort out which cylinder to place where by the size of the hole and the thickness of the cylinder.
  2. Peg and Cup from pinkhouse
  3. Interlocking Disc from pinkhouse
  4. Wooden Ring with a small colourful beads
  5. Sensory Bean Basket with different fabrics like satin, felt, cotton, fleece, minky, and terry cloth.
  6. Wooden Classic Beads from Manhattan Toy 

He also has a basket of books, each week I rotate them for new ones. If you didn’t notice before I LOVE children’s picture books and we already have so many so I keep them away at the moment offering one or two at the time.

We have so many other Montessori inspired toys (from my older daughter) scattered throughout the house. I rotate the toys gently. I keep his favourites out and those that are used less I rotate every couple of weeks. However there is never more than 10 toys available to him (considering his age).

As an important note I’m showing Emil to put his toys away, back in the same place they came from when he has finished with them. It will be a while until he is able to put away his toys himself but I am sure he already knows where they go.

And, yes soft toys. He has few and his favourite bunny which stays in his cot.

L xxx