Children have an innate desire to do things for themselves – ”help me to help myself”. By showing the children the activities and enabling the child to use them, they will be able to transfer these learned skills to everyday activities – pouring their own water, cutting fruit, laying the table for lunch, dressing and undressing themselves. These independent action will boost their self-esteem and give them faith in their own abilities. When Mia was 18 months old I’ve introduced her Pouring Dry Materials (to refine pouring skills). This is introductory/early pouring activity, which uses a variety of dry materials for pouring prior to introducing water.

By now Mia is pretty competent at pouring from jug to jug using dry materials so I’ve decided to introduce her poring water into a small identical glasses. There was a lot of spillage but guess it made activity even more interesting.

L xoxo