These are not traditional Montessori materials but are all suitable for Montessori home! Those materials have lots of colour and texture for a child to explore as well as to develop fine and motor skills. They are beautiful, unique and handmade.

Wooden Lacing Set – This is such a clever, original lacing tool, and it is perfect for developing fine motor skills. This handmade toy is great for practicing the sewing motion too.

Rainbow Colours Sorting Set – Perfect activity to practice reciting number names in sequence and make comparisons between quantities. Encourage children to categorise the colours and sort, order and label as they play. Great activity which can be used in a multitude of ways.

Wooden Mushroom Toy with a Screw – Toddlers are fond of twisting and untwisting everything that can be twisted. This super cute mushroom will help your child to develop patience, fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, eye-sight measurement.

Dolphin Wooden Balance Toy –  This very well designed toy will help your child to develop gross and fine motor skills, eye sight measurement, patience, hand-eye coordination, attention concentration, counting. The toy helps to learn different geometrical shapes and sizes.

Alphabet A-Z Natural Wood Toy – This is beautifully crafted toy. Child can trace the letters with his/her finger and expand his/her vocabulary!

Pikler Climbing Arch for Babies – The wooden climbing arch offers plenty of opportunities to develop gross motor skills and fantasy playing.

Waldorf wooden tree with bee and beehive – I’ve just ordered this beautifully made tree. This tree puzzle will be a great addition to our nature table play set or play space.

Geoboard for Toddlers – I like this beautiful geoboard because its a Montessori tool. Geoboard is great for exploring a variety of mathematical topics in a fun and interesting way for toddlers.

Pretend to play Vegetables Toys – Absolutely beautiful! They are more like works of art than toys! These vegetables are so unique and well made even better in person than the pictures!

What are your favourite finds on Etsy?