Just to make it clear, you can’t let your children run loose on a gardening DIY project. But what you can do, is do a DIY project that they can actually get involved in. Adults, or parents, nowadays are so focused on letting adult jobs be adult jobs, and the children aren’t allowed a say in it. But, for something such as a gardening DIY project, there’s so much creativity and fun to be had here. Plus, we’re raising children in a generation where they would rather play indoors, than be out in the sun and having some fun. So, what better way to encourage them to enjoy the outdoors, than to get them involved with a project that you’re doing. It doesn’t have to be something extravagant, all it has to be is something that everyone can have an input to, and everyone can enjoy doing. I’ve got a couple of ideas that I think you’ll like, so have a read of the items below, and let me know what you think!

Wendy House

You could be that average family who goes to the store and buys a Wendy House to put together with a couple of screws. Or you could be that family who goes all out, gets some tools, and puts together a cool Wendy House in the garden. It’ll be like a little hideaway for them, and both girls and boys will love this one. First of all, you’re going to need to check out companies such as George Hill Timber, and see if they have the right kind of wood for what you need. Don’t be worried about ordering too much, you can always cut it down to size, and use the rest for a log fire when you fancy a nice evening in the garden! Once you have your timber, oak is probably going to be the best, you can begin to build. All you need to do is figure out the size you would like to build it, and where you’re going to put it. You also need to make sure the roof is protected in case it rains. Get your children to be involved with this, you can let them decide how the inside is going to look. The building can be left to you, and you can find plenty of guides online that will help you to set one up.


A fort is for those of you with children who love playing outdoors. For the ones that love a bit of fighting and adventure action, and could put it all to good use if they had a fort to play with. This is going to be a similar project to the Wendy house, so it might test your DIY skills just a little bit. You first need to design the fort itself. You don’t want to build it too high, or you risk the structural integrity being damaged. So, what you want to try and do, is build it as wide as you can, before you start going high. Plus, you have to think about the safety of your children who will be playing with it. All it really needs to be is a few steps up, and it could easily be a great for. With this one, your children could be involved in the laying of the planks of wood, and the painting of the wood. The fort is going to look so much better if you get some colour added to it!

Something They Can Tend To

It’s always good to get children out in the open, no matter what they’re doing. But, one thing we would really like to see children doing more of, is general gardening jobs. It’s so therapeutic for adults to be in the garden and doing a bit of planting or maintenance, so for children, it’s going to do the world of good. To get them interested, you’re going to have to get them something that they can plant themselves. The first option you have is a nice little colourful plant that they can watch grow. It’ll not only add a bit of colour to your garden, but it’ll also teach your child the importance of being able to tend to something and nurture it. Or, you could go one extra, and get them something edible to grow. Something along the lines of a tomato plant or herbs would be easy to do at this time of year. The weather is perfect for growing conditions, it helps add a little vibrance and life to your garden, and you can even get a tasty meal out of it when it has grown as much as it needs to grow or set up fun montessori tray for them to explore.