I promised a tour of our new Montessori environment when we first moved in….? Well, that was back in December – almost three months ago! I’ve been putting it off, waiting to ‘finish’ arranging the furniture and Montessori materials into their ‘perfect’ places, but that’s never really going to happen, is it? The entire house will always be a work in progress and I will have to continue adjusting the layout and content as the child’s needs change. It never ends!
So here it is, our (not so new) light-filled Montessori home we were dreaming of…

Living Room

The living room is the hub of our home. We’ve got an open plan so it is plenty of space. We don’t need a separate “play room” for Mia because we spend most of our time in the living room, and she wants to be where we are. I intentionally devoted all of the low shelves to Mia’s toys, so we can create ”an environment of yes’s.”

Kitchen Area

There is nothing more important in Montessori than respect for the child, and with that, there is no greater respect than the Prepared Environment. Somewhere they can keep their things independently, neatly and in a reachable space. Mia’s got essential kitchen tools that she uses everyday and independently.

The best money ever spent was on this Melissa & Doug Cleaning Set!

Hallway Space.


Mia’s bedroom is comfortable and simple. She has easy access to clothes and child size mirror at the child’s eye level so she can check out her style. Also she has a small chair with a brush and porcelain pot with hairbands and hair clips. There is also a book shelves and reading corner.

Book Shelves.

Reading Corner.

Dressing (above) and self-care area (below).

And, that’s it!

L xoxo