If you merely see your home as a place to eat, sleep and get ready for work, then you are missing a beat. A home can be used as a way to enhance your sense of wellbeing. It can lift your mood and help elevate you in the way you see fit. It is your private sphere, where only the things you want to see in life are around. So, it is important that you take a look at your home and consider ways to use it to lift your mood. If you have neglected it for a while, you may have a lot of work to do. But get it right, and you will feel far more relaxed and serene.

Fix Broken Things

Being surrounded by broken things is not good for the soul. Noting working can be so frustrating, and just seeing these things can annoy you can cause you stress. But, sometimes, all it takes is little action, and you can have things working again. Write a list of all the things that need repairing, from that wardrobe door to that faulty washing machine. Then start ticking these things off your list. Perhaps start with the easiest things first, then build-up to the more difficult things. Sometimes though, when you start investigating a problem, all you need are some appliance spare parts you can install yourself. Fixing this yourself will give you a great sense of satisfaction as well as make your home more livable and less stressful. Anything that is completely bust, throw it away, stop having reminders of broken things lying about.


Having a home that has space to breathe and does not engender claustrophobia is essential. There are many ways you can get more space or at least the illusions of it. First, you need to declutter. Anything that is no longer required is past its sell-by date, broken beyond repair, etc., needs to go. Then think about the physical space that you have. Can changing the layout of your room create more space, allow air to flow more easily, let light in better, as well as energy? Is your home on the small side? Can painting the walls a lighter colour and adding mirrors dotted strategically about give the illusion of more space? More physical space is like more mental space. You will definitely feel less stressed, be able to clean better, and enjoy time with the family more. 


Introducing a few indoor plants is a great way to boost wellbeing. They add a little natural colour to the home as well as producing clean air and removing toxins from the air too. If you live in the city and have little access to natural habitat, then a few plants in the home can work wonders. They will give you that sense of nature that can help you relax and unwind. Plants release chemicals that actually make you less stressed too. Luckily there are so many different types of indoor plants. So, why not do a little investigation and find one that has the specific benefits that appeal to you.