If you followed my first post Introducing Sewing – Montessori Way than you will know how much I care about practical activities for my child. Those have been first preliminary lessons to sewing that I’ve introduce to my daughter. I have to mention that some of these first activities Mia have done before and she is pretty confident in using scissors. So it came natural to move forward more complex sewing work like to practice stitching and using the needle (plastic & real one). Also there is no need to wait until basic skills are mastered to start presenting these activities. Very often I found that my daughter likes to be challenged with more complex work.


Here are activities that I set up for Mia during the half term and so far she enjoys it so much. Some are easy some more difficult (like sewing the button).

Commercial Sewing Cards

Creating and Stitching Your Own Bag

Weather Lacing Cards those are so much fun, stitching all different weather and learning in same time.

Threading a Needle

Introducing a Hoop and First Stitching With Real Needle

Sewing a Button

Have fun!

L xx