Home atmosphere is everything no matter how you look at it. Most parents don’t realise they can make some minor adjustments to their homes to start incorporating more Montessori right away.

We often get a ‘vibe’ from a new house or home that we enter, for better or worse. Call it instinct, call it a spooky sixth sense, or call it pure logic and reason, we all know that a home is a home thanks to its atmosphere. A great way to illustrate this is to take it to the extreme. We have likely been in a house at one time or another that was totally affluent. There were beautiful picture frames, lighting fixtures, expensive carpets and the entire place was spotlessly clean. However, we still felt tense there, but why? Well, just as it’s possible to have too much chaos, too much order can also be a problem. 

In this post, I’m going to show you how to create a Montessori prepared environment at home  + two thing I always keep in mind as a parent to keep home atmosphere more joyful.

Montessori prepared environment:

MINIMALIST LIVING – The simpler the environment the better your child’s concentration is; less is more!

CHILD-SIZED FURNITURE – It allows children to independently do tasks on their own (”Help me to do it myself”).

CREATE YES SPACES –  In our home I intentionally devoted all of the low shelves to Mia’s toys, so we can create ”an environment of yes’s.”

MONTESSORI FRIENDLY MATERIALS –  Toys you choose should be few, should possibly be used “in rotation” and chosen according to the child’s age and preferences. Montessori education promotes the use of natural materials such as wood, cloth, paper, glass and metal, which are perfect to provide all kinds of sensory experiences as well as opportunities for learning while playing.

Keeping Home Atmosphere More Joyful

It could be that you’re worrying about matters related to your business, learning methods of how to improve credit score fast or many other issues that occur in the usual and daily flow of life. However, keeping business to select areas can prevent that energy from permeating all parts of your home, allowing for a much more competent and comforting sense of relaxation in the areas you need it most. Put simply, separating home life and work life, even within the walls of your house, could be a great boon to the overall atmosphere. 

Laughter brings families together. In fact, it’s been proven that families that use their own little language to communicate (such as little inside jokes, silly sounds, and funny made up words from time to time,) are closer. Just like this, laughter works in the same way. Try to see the funny side of issues, or try to bond together over little bits of fun. It’s important to know that these moments will be the best times of your life, no matter what happens. They are what you live for. Ensure they are bountiful and natural, and your home will always seem light and vibrant.

These tips might seem overly simple, but simplicity is always the best remedy to something as important as this.