Montessori Work at 8 Months



Since Mia is approaching 8 months I set up Montessori shelve with materials appropriate to her age. Shelf is low and easy to reach. On her shelf she has:

  1. Ribbon Basket with different ribbons.
  2. Peg and Cup from pinkhouse
  3. Interlocking Disc from pinkhouse
  4. Sensory Jars – I made this little jars. The jars are filled with couscous and lentils. Mia loves those jars and they make great sound.
  5. Sensory Basket with different fabrics like satin, felt, cotton, fleece, minky, and terry cloth.
  6. Wooden Classic Beads from Manhattan Toy


image (7)



She also has a basket of books, 5 books, each week I rotate them for new ones. If you didn’t notice before I LOVE children’s picture books and we already have so many so I keep them away at the moment offering one or two at the time.

Mia also has other Montessori inspired toys scattered throughout the house, I want to show you in separate posts. I rotate the toys gently. I keep her favourites out and those that are used less I rotate every couple of weeks. However there is never more than 10 toys available to her (considering her age).

As an important note I’m showing Mia to put her toys away, back in the same place they came from when she has finished with them. It will be a while until she is able to put away her toys herself but I am sure she already knows where they go.

And, yes soft toys. She has few and there are in her cot, so far she hasn’t shown any attachment to particular soft toy.

Does this seem like a lot of toys to you? I would love to hear your opinions.

L xxx

  • Lauren


    What a great idea to not overwhelm her with toys. We have toys all over the place so by the time my 2nd child was born she had full toy overload!

    • MLK123

      I know Lauren, I’m trying to keep her not overcrowded with toys. They get bored very quickly if there are so many toys around them.

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