In my Pinterest research about Montessori baby toys I was inspired to make those Sensory Bean Bags perfect for babies. They are simple open-ended toys that allow babies to experience many different textures, sounds, and colors as they play. Besides stacking, tossing and sensory play, as your baby grows this colorful collection can also be used for educational play such as color recognition, matching, and counting.

I made 6 bean bags made with a variety of fabrics in the 6 colors: red, orange, yellow, white, blue and purple. Each of the colorful fabrics have been selected for a variety of sensory experiences. My baby M running her fingers over satin, felt, cotton, fleece, minky, and terry cloth. To provide an even greater sensory experience each Sensory Bean Bag is filled with a different natural filling including rice, orzo pasta, garbanzo beans, pinto beans, and lentils. One of the bean bags is also lined with plastic wrap and filled with rice to create a wonderful crinkling sound your baby will enjoy.

Guess don’t need to mention that they are most of the time in M’s mouth – perfect for teething 🙂 Sensory Bean Bags are so easy to make, most of the materials I’ve got on eBay for less than pound and super fun for babies.
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