As Mia is getting older she is becoming more interested in her environment. So I have introduced more toys for her to explore. Together with Montessori Inspired Toys at 8 Months I added few new toys. Unlike Montessori Work at 10 Months these are not ”traditional” work but these are toys that I believe work well in Montessori household and indeed in any other.

Skwish from Manhattan Toy

Mia loves this toy. It is so easy to handle even for younger babies. I love the sound that the little wooden beads make sliding around.

Classic Pop-Up Toy from Galt

Mia has played with this toy nearly every day since she got it. It is good fun, great for hand-eye coordination and the pegs are good to chew on, hide or throw about!

Horizontal Dowel Variation – Serpentine from Tower High Learning

This activity gives the child practice with hand-eye co-ordination as the disc is moved up, round the corner and along the undulating wire. Mia likes playing with disc but it doesn’t keep her attention for long.

Circle, Square and Triangle Puzzle from Tower High Learning

Very simple puzzles maybe more designed for the young toddler who has developed a gross level of eye-hand coordination but when I put this toy in front of Mia she manipulated with shapes trying to match them with its ground base so I keep them on shelf.

PicMonkey Collage

What are your favorite Montessori friendly baby toys?

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