At this age Mia is very interested in her environment. So I have introduced more toys for her to explore. Together with Montessori Inspired Toys at 10 Months I added few new toys. Unlike Montessori Work from 12 to 14 Months these are not ”traditional” work but these are toys that I believe work well in Montessori household and indeed in any other.


Wooden Shape Puzzle from Amazon

My baby daughter absolutely loves playing with this. She enjoys rearranging this little simple colour shapes.

Wooden Horse Pull Along from Amazon

This little wooden horse is so popular in our house. Mia takes him out and plays inside. He has got little bell and makes sound which makes him even more interesting.

Coloured Disc on 3 Colourded Dowels from Absorbent Minds Montessori

This educational activity focuses on hand-eye co-ordination and manipulative skills. It also develops colour recognition and distinction. In the beginning Mia wasn’t very interested into this activity because it was difficult for her. Since she is able to place disc on dowels she loves it. She is still not able to sort them out by the colours.

Melissa & Doug Food Groups from Amazon

Great source of learning for children. I don’t offer them all in same time (according to her age) but we are learning about different food.

Shape Sorting House from Ikea or this from Amazon

Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle from Amazon

I love those puzzle animals, great challenge for little hands.

And that’s it! What are your favorite Montessori friendly toys?

Leila xxx